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[Hikka, She/They, lvl 28] Digital Artist. Merch maker. Vendor. Pastel Galaxy. Occasional badass.

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year of the mouse!

tiny! big love!

hi im rly desperate for a tumblr-ish website so lets give this one a try

Vega, featuring magical mermaid hair that works as a great censor.

My most popular piece on Tumblr, originally posted Nov 30th 2012

“I’m not bad, I’m just built that way”


Seriously, he’s go the same proportions as Jessica Rabbit, IT WAS ONLY FITTING TO HOOK HIM UP IN THAT DRESS. Glittery gif because I haven’t had time to color it any fancier than flats.

HOPE YOU LIKE IT thatsjustprime I DID THIS ALL FOR YOU. (lol hidden MTMTE references)

sidh -

Honestly all of my OCs are some flavor of gay but I think of all my OCs Camilla gives off my favourite Gay Energy™ as an 8'3" tall demon knight with a faery elf wife who is by any other normal accounts still considered tall herself but compared to Camilla is a smol cute who needs to get right up on her toes and/or have Camilla bend down a little for smooches

Art by Lavender Incubus (NSFW content in link)

((The other character's name is Tessa she belongs to my best friend Nephyne))

Lulu the Wooloo!

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Deity of storms at sea and the 7 oceans

I really wish the game would allow us to change the body type of our Inquisitor. I always imagine my Adaar to be rather slender, especially compared to Bull!

My ocs for a personal project

instagram linktree

Possibly the most detailed shading I've ever done :')

My OC Venus, a dragon mama. This is her humanoid form.

Okay, that's probably the most relevant stuff atm. Now for me to habitually forget to post. 💦 Whoop.

Not that it's entirely on purpose, but admittedly my last attempts at new sites haven't gone so well, so I am a touch wary...

Zine Works

I post probably at the best times. :P My two zine pieces, as I haven't been accepted into any others since. First is from Emerging Artists: The Witching Hour, second from Sailor Villains.

Guess who bought Tekken7??

And then immediately overdid it on playing. Whoops. 💦 No work was done tonight that's for sure.

Buuuut my main girl may have been replaced, sorry Xiao, Alisa is a cute robogirl and I can't say no.

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Stickum designs~

Trying not to be too spammy with my art dumping. Here's some stickums, all made in 2019, they're 3x3 vinyl with a glossy finish in person.

Top row: Sailor Moon and Chibimooon's open transformation compacts, and the moon kaleidoscope.

Second row: Drifloons, Hankcon, Moon drink

Third row: Space Queen, Unicorn Tears, Flowery Alien

Companion Prints Part 2

This set is titled Cryin' Flowers, first print made in 2018, second made in 2019.

Companion Prints Part 1

Kinda like doin' a series, but without the pressure of having to do a buttload at once :P Both prints made 2019, these are the Spaceglass set.

My eyebawls hurt

So more art in a little bit. I got plenty to dump.

Okay now to get some art mcfriggen uploaded

Hello scary new site :'D

About high time I actually say something here ain't it? So hi hello, I go by Hikka and can be found as either Glitteratigalaxy or galacticdoodle, depending on character limits. :P I am primarily a digital artist and merch designer! Done a few cons here and there, all my work is done on a iPad Pro 11 with a gen 2 apple pencil and Clip Studio Paint EX! I take inspirations from a looooot of Shoujo manga (Sailor Moon being my biggest influence), little bit of Mucha and pastel goodness. If it's girls and glitter it's all me~~

Otherwise, other personal tidbits

  • She/They pronouns are cool with me

  • Lesbian

  • 28 soon to be 29 (yuck)

  • I love cats, I have one and he is a ginger gremlin

  • I never sleep (send help pls)

  • Terrible at talking to people, pls forgive me

  • Would love to meet and make more art friends!! Yes I know you see the above.

  • Really loves citypop

  • Would eat pizza everyday if my gf allowed me to

Also you'll be able to find my other links in my "more places to find me" section. I'll post more work soonish probably.

Things will be here...eventually

I'm bad at social media. Whoop.